Eby Flat Beds

Get an Eby Big Country flatbed towing body for all your macho jobs!

The Eby Big Country flatbed towing body was made for all your he-man jobs. Using the standard trapdoor for a gooseneck hitch, you can pull your livestock trailer, equipment trailer, or even an RV and still put plenty of cargo in the bed. Heavy-duty aluminum construction guarantees that your Big Country bed will handle any job no matter how large and look great no matter what chassis the bed is installed on.

Standard Options

• Tapered bulkhead with integrated high mount LED combo and work lights for terrific visibility and lots of light for night work
• EBY Exclusive 20" extruded buck-plate with cast aluminum and LED tail lights provides great styling and durability
• HD .156 diamond plate floor hauls anything from pallets of cement to feed for cattle
• Tapered rear corners give you the widest possible turn radius for your trailer
• Sub-Structure is 5" j-sills and 3" cross member for cab and chassis
• Sub-Structure is 3" wide x 5" thick flat bar and 3" cross-members on the pick-up box deletes
• Rear windows grill tapered to match cab and punched to allow maximum rear visibility
• HD Aluminum 5" high extruded side rails with stake pockets and rub-rails for tie-downs
• Formed aluminum wing brackets transition from bulkhead to body and help retain cargo
• EZ-Open trap door to access gooseneck hitch
• EBY mounting kits are provided at no extra charge

Upgrade Options

• Steel ICC bumper with 2,5" hitch and integrated steps for smooth towing and easy access to the bed
• 2.375" Gooseneck ball hitch
• 8" high removable side kit provides side and rear panels to retain cargo
• EBY builds a wide variety of tool boxes in all aluminum or with stainless steel overlays that fit various body sizes and chassis configurations

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