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We also offer truck bed installation, trailer and camper repair, and much, much more!

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giant hydraulic cylinder

Hydraulic cylinders are marvelous inventions, able to exert tremendous force through the use of a piston that pushes hydraulic oil back and forth. Unfortunately, all this internal pressure can periodically lead to a logical malfunction: oil leaks.

Thankfully, help isn't far away.

Jonestown Hydraulics offers professional cylinder repair and rebuilding for faulty and leaking cylinders on all your farm and commercial equipment.

Leaking cylinders cost YOU money in wasted hydraulic oil and lost performance! Not only that, but they also allow for the introduction of water and contaminants into your oil, causing further damage to your machine.

Don't wait for your cylinders to leak another pint of oil!

Call Jonestown Hydraulics today!


Ram with a SnowDogg Snow plow

Whether the days are starting to shorten or starting to lengthen, you can count on Jonestown Ag to be ahead of the game. Imagine finding all your seasonal supplies at one convenient location - Jonestown Ag! Stop by for either ice melt and snowplows or grass seed and lawn mower blades. If we don't have it, we will order it in. Visit us today!

Picture of red and white utility truck bed...

Every guy makes different demands on his pickup, but Jonestown Ag is set up to transform your pickup bed into the perfect work area for YOU!  Flatbed, dump body, or service body: which will meet your need the best?  We do it all and will send you out the door equipped with a pickup body that will handle all the rigors of your particular field. Stop by Jonestown Ag and find out what we can do for you and YOUR pickup today!

Ford truck pulling horse trailer...

Whether you need your camper inspected, a gate welded onto a horse trailer, or the faulty wiring on your boat trailer replaced, Jonestown Ag is equipped to handle the job and will do it on time. We specialize in keeping camper and trailer inspections up-to-date and all the problems, big and small, fixed on every utility, horse, and boat trailer that comes our way. Visit us today for all of your camper and trailer repairs. We'll make sure you can meet that delivery deadline or leave on that vacation on time!

Parts for ALL MAKES of Equipment

Need a specialty part fast?

Man Repairing Tractor

Compact tractor and pressure washer repair: hitch installation and batteries, propane refill...

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Bobcat skidloader for rent

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