MP Landscape Body

The landscape body is popular, multipurpose truck bed. With the sides up, it can be used for hauling gravel, mulch and dirt. Install it as a dump bed,  and you can say goodbye to shoveling off loads of gravel by hand.

What gives the landscape body truck bed its versatility is the option to flip down the sides. This turns it into a simple flat bed, making unloading pallets, wheelbarrows and other equipment easy.

Landscape bodies are customizable, increasing efficiency for a wide variety of people. Is it the right choice for you?

Standard Options

  • 3'' Extruded Channel Crossmembers, 12'' on Center
  • 1/4'' Heavy Duty Extruded Floor
  • (4) Styles Headboards, (Priced according to Selection)
  • 14'' High Flip-down Sides
  • 14'' High Double Acting Tailgate w/ Chains
  • MP Style Light Skirt
  • Universal Mounting or 5'' Channel Main Sills
  • Mud Flaps
  • DOT Spec. LED Lighting
  • Standard Sizes 
    • 80''x88''  Short 6-1/2' Single Wheel Bed Delete
    • 80''x108​''  Long 8' Single Wheel Bed Delete
    • 92''x106''  Dual  Wheel Bed Delete
    • 96''x112''  Cab & Chassis, 60'' CA
    • 96''x136''  Cab & Chassis, 84'' CA
    • These Bodies can be custom built to fit your needs 

Upgrade Options

  • Upgrading From 3/16'' to 1/4'' Floor
  • Upgrading from 14'' to 18'' High Sides
  • Rigid or Flip-down Sides
  • Recessed D-Rings Installed in Floor
  • Gooseneck Hitch
  • Rear Bumper Hitch
  • Strobe Lights
  • (2) 12V Halogen Work Lights on Headboard w/ Switch in Cab                                  
  • (2) 12V LED Work Lights (2150 LUMENS)  on Headboard w/ Switch in Cab           
  • Upgrading all Lighting on Flatbed to LED ( Optronics Miro Flex )                             
  • 7-Way RV Trailer Socket  ( Replacement on Rear of Truck )                                       
  • 7-Way RV Trailer Socket  ( Addition in Gooseneck Opening )                                    
  • Prewired Flatbed 

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