Mini Excavator

Our new Kubota mini excavator with its choice of either a 12" or a 24" bucket is exactly what you need for all your small home improvement projects. Whether it's replacing a water line, checking on a gas line leak, or putting in a new wiring conduit, our excavator will do the job quickly and neatly.
The small size ensures that tight corners aren't a problem, and the reliability of our maintenance program and the Kubota name means that the job can be accomplished with both ease and confidence.
Hire our new Kubota mini excavator to do your job today!



6 hours

Day Week
U35-4R3A Kubota $260 $300 $875


Bucket Widths
12" 24"



6 hours

Day Week
Extra Bucket $35 $45 $120



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  • Fuel & delivery are extra charges
  • Damages will be charged to customer
  • One day is 24hrs