Zimmerman Flat Beds

For a handsome, versatile flat bed package, check out our Zimmerman Flat Bed pickup bodies today!

Zimmerman Flat Beds make an excellent multipurpose solution for trucks. Whether you need a bed that makes hauling pallets easy or a platform for your towing package, the flatbed will serve you well. LED lights and a welded headache rack add class while stake pockets allow you to add sides as needed.

One major advantage of the Zimmerman flatbed is the built-in hitch option. Whether you choose to include a standard or gooseneck hitch, have it as part of the design instead of an add-on. And if you want something studier than aluminum, check out the steel bed.

Standard Options

• 3/16" Aluminum Deck Plate
• Welded Headache Rack
• LED Lights
• Double 4" Steel Channel Frame
• 26,000 LBS. Rated B & W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch welded into the frame
• 20,000 LBS. Rated Weld-In Rear Receiver Hitch; 2" or 2 1/2"
• 7-Way Round Electrical Plug
• Stake Pockets
• Rub Rail
• Heavy Wall C Type Aluminum Channel around the Perimeter
• Steps By the Rear Receiver Hitch
• Sealed Wiring Harness

Upgrade Options

• Mud Flaps w/ Stiffners Set (sold in pairs)
• 6" Aluminum Side Boards (sold as a set of 2)
• 6" Aluminum Tail Board
• 12" Aluminum Side Boards (sold as a set of 2)
• 12" Aluminum Tail Board
• 18" Aluminum Front Underbody Toolbox
• 22" Aluminum Front Underbody Toolbox
• 34" Aluminum Front Underbody Toolbox
• 16" Aluminum Rear Underbody Toolbox
• 20" Aluminum Rear Underbody Toolbox
• Recessed Gooseneck Hitch w/ Door
• Remove Gooseneck/B & W Hitch
• Remove Rear Receiver to Accommodate DMI Hitch
• B & W Companion Hitch RVK3050
• Full Width Step Bumper W/Receiver

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