Oil & Filters

Engine oil, air filters, transmission fluid... be you the type that loves getting your hands greasy or not, you might need these some time or other.
We stock a wide selection of quality WIX oil, fuel, and air filters for automobiles and equipment.
Oil filters


  • Air Filters
  • Fuel Filters
  • Oil Filters

Mystik® Oil & Grease

We stock the full line of Mystik® lubricants: engine oil, gear oil, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, and grease in quarts, gallons, and drums. Mystik® lubricants work well in winter weather, providing serious protection, year round. 

Whether you own a car, lawnmower, compact tractor, or construction equipment, proper lubrication will help the engine run smoothly and increase performance. If you have any questions on which type of oil will serve you best, don't hesitate to ask.

Engine Oil

  • SAE 30
  • SAE 10w non-detergent
  • 0w20
  • 5w20
  • 5w30
  • 10w30
  • 10w40
  • 15w40
  • 15w50

Gear Oil

  • 80w90 Gear Oil
  • 85w140 Gear Oil
  • 75w90 Full Synthetic Gear Oil
  • Viscid Lube Oil Treatment 


  • Multi-purpose Grease
  • Hi-Temp Grease
  • 3% Moly Hi-Temp Grease
  • Synthetic Blend Grease
  • Super Heavy Duty 460 Grease

Hydraulic Oil

  • Citgo AW 32
  • Citgo AW 46
  • Citgo HDT 10w SAE 10w
  • Citgo HDT 30 SAE 30
  • Citgo HDT 50 SAE 50

Transmission Fluid

  • Auto Trans Fluid
  • Tractor Trans Hydraulic Fluid
  • Eaton Synthetic MTF

Schaeffer’s Synthetic Lubricants

Schaeffer's Oil: maximum protection, increased performance, longer engine life. We'll be happy to help you choose the type that would be best for your vehicle.

  • 5w30 Supreme 7000
  • 10w30 Supreme 7000
  • 15w40 Supreme 7000
  • 20w50 Supreme 7000 Racing Oil
  • 0w20 Supreme 9000
  • 5w20 Supreme 9000
  • 5w30 Supreme 9000
  • 5w40 Supreme 9000
  • Moly Ultra Grease
  • Moly Supreme Grease #2, #3
  • Corn Head Grease
  • 75w90 Gear Oil
  • 75w140 Gear Oil
  • All Trans Supreme
  • Dexron VI Mercon LV
  • Penetrol Green Food Grade Chain Lubricant
  • Moly Roller Chain  Lube
  • Moly E.P. Oil Treatment
  • Neutra Fuel Treatment
  • Pentrol 90