Animal Health

Chickens, goats, sheep, dogs, cattle... View the miscellaneous supplies we have for all your pets and other animals.
Chicken supplies

Peeps and Chickens

Come and check out our supplies for your peeps & chickens...

We help you keep your birds HAPPY!

  • Feeders
  • Waterers
  • Chick Grit
  • Multi-Wormer
  • Happy Hen Treats
  • Scratch Grains
  • Egg Charger Pellets
  • Egg Charger Crumbles
  • Pullet Grower Crumbles
  • Chick Charger Crumbles



Supplies for goats & sheep

Goats and Sheep

We have supplies for goats and sheep to keep them healthy and strong...

  • Dewormer
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Drench
  • Brown’s Sheep & Goat Crunch



Dog related supplies


Your dog will love our canine supplies, dog food and treats! We carry pet grooming equipment and dog toys. We have a selection of metal, plastic, and heated pet bowls. Check out these products that will keep your dog healthy and happy...

  • Puppy & Dog Vaccinations
  • Collars
  • Spiral and dome stakes
  • Retractable leash
  • In ground fence
  • Remote trainer
  • Steel chain collar
  • Cable tie-out
  • Harness
  • Dewormer
  • Nail trimmer
  • Toys
  • Ear mite lotion
  • Flea and tick spray
  • Animal clipper
  • Brushes
  • The Home of Ex-cell Pro Pet foods



Cattle supplies


We have the supplies and products to make managing your herd easy and efficient. We carry a variety of minerals, antibiotics, wound treatments, and other medicines to keep your herd production at full capacity...

  • Feed, Treats, and Supplements
  • Livestock Feeders & Troughs
  • Farm Animal Insecticide
  • Dairy Pails and Buckets
  • Calf Nursing Bottles
  • Cattle Tack
  • Stock Tanks
  • Livestock Grooming Supplies
  • Livestock Health Products
  • Tags and Markers
  • Milking Supplies
  • Stock Prods
  • Stock Rings