Is your driveway treacherous with ice or snow? Take a look at TruMelt.

We offer the following four different types of TruMelt: 

  • Halite Solar Salt Crystals
  • 10% Magnesium Pellets




TruMelt™ 10%

Magnesium Chloride

Pet, Concrete, and Turf Safe! 

TruMelt 10%, our best seller, is certified and guaranteed to contain 10% magnesium chloride pellets blended with free-flowing, oven-dried solar salt and a flowing agent. The 10% magnesium chloride pellets quickly cause the brining and activation of the product. The 90% solar salt provides ongoing melting and will continue working to as low as -10°F. In addition, small amounts of biodegradable dye are applied to keep the product visible and to aid in proper application.